Multilevel Human Consulting

Modern life demands a modern type of counseling which is possible to achieve by electronic communication in different spheres of human functioning. Therefore, this page has been created to make available to you a multidisciplinary type of counseling in the fields of psychotherapy, stress management, personal (mental & life) coaching, self-healing, HR management, communication skills, leadership and team management.

All these fields have been comprised, systematized and compressed in my (super) brands: Multifocal Combined Psychotherapy, Multilevel Mental Coaching and Concentric Self-healing. They are the result of my twenty-five-years of professional experience acquired in different spheres of human communication and in helping others in practice.


How to start?

You should formulate your need for counseling in your first e-mail (the first interview), which should not exceed the text written on one and a half pages of A4 format. In this mail, besides formulating the topic and important associated content, please state the key questions that you want to be answered. After you receive my reply (which will not exceed one typed page of A4 format), you decide on the continuation of an e-counseling and of what kind: via e-mail (which does not exceed one typed page of A4 format) or via video call (40 min.).



• First interview (first e-mail) - 40$ (USD)
• E-mail therapy (per session) - 30$ (USD)
• Video call (per session) - 60$ (USD)



English, Serbian, Croatian, Macedonian