Welcome to my website! I sincerely hope that your visit to this site will contribute to improving your health and knowledge, as well as to your further deepening your spiritual development. I am convinced that here you will be introduced to content that you have not had the opportunity to find anywhere else. I recommend that you select with your insight and intuition the content that can have a positive influence on you …

The content of the site is divided into several tabs. It is the result of my rich life and professional experience and the specific knowledge I have acquired in my career. It is based on profound exploration and holistic practice of a wide spectrum of scientific and interdisciplinary skills of positive influence on the human organism, mainly through the improvement of psychic functioning. I think that the time has come for me to convey those experiences and the knowledge to as many people as possible according to the increased need for them in the world. It seems to me that at this moment the Internet is a unique medium for the realization of such an idea.

In the tab “Books & Articles” you will find books and articles I have chosen to publish on this site. These include textual contents that should, in their different ways, contribute to a better introduction and acceptance of knowledge and skills which, in my opinion, are necessary for the individual in the 21st century. A large number of new texts are being prepared, so that this tab in time will grow in its abundance and diversity of topics and contents which it has to offer.

The tab “Counseling” has been created to enable direct communication of a certain type (e-mail, video call, etc…). Its aim is to offer appropriate counseling in different fields of your functioning, such as: psychotherapy, stress management, self-healing, mental (personal) coaching, life coaching, HR management, communication skills, time management, conflict management, negotiation skills, team building, leadership, etc. You will also find here my super-brands in these fields.

The contents in the tab “Gallery” are the result of my extensive research (see “The Creative Process and Psychoanalysis”; “The Power of Psychodrama”) and results (see my CV) achieved in the field of “Healing Art”. There are also exhibited a number of visual forms such as images which, when used correctly in a certain context, produce measured and targeted positive changes in a recipient. The images are organized and assorted in different spheres of influence on the human psyche, such as energetic, relaxing, pictures that induce natural spirituality, images that liberate creative imagination, healing pictures, etc.

In the tab “Interactive SHD” there are my patents and innovations in the sphere of Virtual Reality Therapy (VRT) which I have called Interactive Self-Help Devices. They are specifically designed and programmed for individual interactive use by human users. Each of the Interactive SHD has an influence on a user producing an aimed positive change in their psychophysical functioning. By using them, the user gains the power of sell-help in different fields of auto-regulation, like: mind & body synchronization, self-healing, stress management, emotional intelligence, creative imagination, energetic release, natural spirituality, etc. Thus, the Interactive SHD offer the individual of the 21st century the possibility of autonomous and independent mental regulation of health, psychological functioning and spiritual development.

The Author

Zvonko Dzokic is a MD, spec. in Neurology and Psychiatry, Psychoanalytical Psychotherapist, Psychodrama Trainer, EMDR Practitioner (ECP), Consultant and Trainer in Stress Management, Consultant and Trainer in HR management, Consultant in PR, Mind Coach, creator of special programs for Art therapy & Healing performance, writer, inventor (MK/P/2006/431; MK/P/2007/295), creator of the brands Multifocal Combined Psychotherapy, Concentric Self-healing, Multilevel Mental Coaching and of the brand “Interactive SHD” (Interactive Self-Help Devices) in the sphere of Virtual Reality Therapy (VRT): Daily Magic Messages, Daily Healing Messages, Vionizer, Relaxation Training, Visceral Training, Positive Training, Self-Healing Training, Contemplation Training, Antistress Assistant, Antistres.mk.

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