This is a special program of integrative mental coaching, created as a super -brand of Dr. Zvonko Džokić.  It is a result of his many years of practical experience as a mental coach with different clients, mainly top-level managers and professionals. Nowadays there is an increasing need for cluster-programs like MULTILEVEL MENTAL COACHING.
            MULTILEVEL MENTAL COACHING (MMC) is a tailor-made program. It is usually created after precise assessment of the client’s needs and specifically adjusted to the client’s personality structure and professional goals. There are four levels - clusters of MMC programs:

  • Mind Re/Set
    • Cognitive
    • Emotional
    • Behavioral
    • Psychosomatic
  • Basic Self-management
    • Assessment (creative mind mapping, etc.)
    • Stress Management
    • Time Management
    • Energy Management
    • Self-programming (daily mind-set)
  • Strategic Self-management
    • Creation of Ideas (brain-storming, etc.)
    • Goal-setting
    • Planning
    • Decision-making
  • Personal Coaching
    • Life coaching
    • Communication Skills (Interpersonal & Business)
    • Professional coaching (HR Management & Leadership skills)

MMC is highly recommended to top professionals who are responsible and in charge of serious and complex tasks/projects simultaneously in their careers and personal lives.