There is a growing need for virtual content that individuals and groups can use as “means of self-help”. Over the last several years, I have focused my creative potential and extensive professional experience in the sphere of Virtual Reality Therapy (VRT) on creating the tools I have called Interactive Self-Help Devices (“Interactive SHD”). Their main goal is to initiate and positively stimulate the enormous inner potentials which we humans carry in ourselves by a simple interactive application via Internet (on-line) and modern digital technology. At the same ime, I believe that with their price they should be available to the widest circle of users.

There, you will find the possibility to start, through synchronicity, your daily dose of positive energy and to release your natural spirituality (Daily Magic Messages).

With a similar application procedure, you have at your disposal the means for starting your power of self-healing (Daily Healing Messages).

For a quick mind & body synchronization, with the release of your blocked energetic flow and (so important!!) hormone endorphin in your body, you can use the specially designed (scientifically based) audio-visual program “Vionizer”. This is also the quickest means of “stress relief” and thus the most practical tool for “acute stress cut-off”.

For more profound and long-lasting anti-stress effects, you can use the program “Antistress Assistant”. In the future, you can have more programs from the “Interactive SHD” group, which are currently in preparation.


Enjoy using the Interactive Self-help Devices!