This innovative technique developed by Dr. Zvonko Džokić is a progressive, three-centric method of self-healing.  It is focused on the rapid and effective mobilization, amplification and focusing of self-healing resources in those clients who lack self-healing capacities. Enormous resources with powerful self-healing potential are always present inside us and around us! Usually, the problem is how to believe in these resources and how to get in touch with them, as well as how to develop them and manage them more effectively.

The CONCENTRIC SELF-HEALING (CSH) method comprehensively simplifies the approach and handling of these resources. It is focused on three concentric fields, three concentric goals and three concentric phases.

  • The three concentric fields are: the body field, the mind field, and the environmental field. Self-healing energy is fixed at different positions in these three fields and should be released gradually to flow through the central self-healing pathway of the organism.
  • The three concentric goals of CSH are: relaxation, pleasure, and self-healing. They are directly connected with achieving the desired psycho-neuro-endocrine-immunological balance in the human organism.
  • The three concentric phases of CSH are: facilitation, transformation, and focusing of self-healing potential.

During treatment, it is not unusual to expect experience the emergence of blocks, fears, resistances, cognitive and emotional content, and other counter-forces from all position-fields, as inhibitions in the self-healing process. CSH combines techniques to efficiently overcome such obstacles in the self-healing process.

CONCENTRIC SELF-HEALING is basically recommended in the treatment of burn-out syndrome, energy disbalances and deficits, psychosomatic syndromes, endocrine and immunological disturbances, stress-related, post-traumatic and post-operative disorders. It is also highly recommended for top-level managers and executives as a fundamental model of energy self-regulation.